UAE provides a different type of visas depending on the applier purpose which may be valid for a period of one to three years.
Applying for the visa is required several steps with preparation of different documents, therefore EBDA provides visa application service to ensure an easy and hassle-free procedure. We have an experienced PRO tream who can take care of the entire visa application process.

the different Types of Visas

It is important to realize differences between the different kinds of Emirates visas. Here we rounded up some types of visas you can apply for :

  • Investor/Partner Visa :
  • For individuals wishing to invest or establish a company in UAE,either in FREE ZONES or in Main Territory may apply for a partner or investor visa in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.This visa is offered for 3 years and it shall be renewed at the end of visa period. UAE government is planning to implement 10 years investor residency visa.

  • Family member Visa :
  • The UAE residents are allowed to bring their dependents(parents, wife , children ,…) through a UAE Family Visa. However, not everyone can bring their dependents along as there are certain requirements that are imposed by the UAE government have to be met such as designation, monthly salary.
    We will assist you with full support to get the family visa which can be issued for 1, 2, or 3 years and can be renewed at least thirty days before expiry dateand it is dependent on the sponsor, so if the sponsor’s visa is expired or canceled, then the Family Visas will also be expired or cancelled. In order to maintain a resident visa, you are required to enter the Emirates at least one time every six months. Violation of this rule will result in a visa block. And, subsequently, the unblocking of visa will entail compliance with the procedure for its re-activation thereof.

  • Employment/work visa :
  • UAE includes workforce from all over the globe. Any foreginer wants to work in UAE registered company requires employment visa . The employment visa is issued by the Immigration Department and it requires the approval from UAE Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Before obtaining the work visa, you will need to have a work contract or a valid job offer for UAE. In general, it is your employer’s responsibility to sponsor your visa application as well as the relevant fees.
    Private Companies registered with Ministry of Labour issues the residence permits and labour cards up to 2 years for employment and companies registered in a free zone issues for up to 3 years for employment.

Benefits of UAE visa

Once your business setup is completed, and if you have visa eligibility on your license, you as the business owner can apply for your UAE residence visa and get many benefits, such as:

  • Open a private current account (that is, separate from your corporate account)
  • Rent property
  • Obtain a UAE driver’s license and purchase a vehicle
  • Sponsor your family,
  • The biggest advantage of all is that you now have a residence in a non-tax jurisdiction country and depending on your overall situation, may not be required to pay any taxes at all to your home country. Furthermore,there is no exchange of in-formation at present if you are a UAE resident.

  • Visa Application Assistance

    The following procedures are our fully assistance service that we offer to you for avoid obstacle and ensure a smooth process:

    • Preparing the required company and personal documents.
    • Acquiring clearances from Ministries and other regulatory authorities (if any),
    • Submitting the visa application to the concerned authorities for processing.
    • Coordinating the medical tests.
    • Emirates ID application

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