EBDA is mainly a business consulting company which specializes in company formation and offers business support to both corporations & individual who have already a business in UAE or they want to set up one? EBDA consulting experts can assist you with a large range of business support service and help you to focus on your core business activity.

There are large number of companies that are providing business support services to entrepreneurs and investors in Dubai and UAE but EBDA Consulting provides a team of professionals and experts who are available in japan and have collective experience and skills for bringing in inclusive business support services in Dubai.

How to set up a company in UAE ?

The service of a Government Liaison Officer popularly known as aPublic Relations Officer (PRO) is inevitable for any foreign investor who initiates the process of company formation. The business setup involves plenty of legal procedures and there would be several documents to be prepared and submitted to the relevant government authorities and Ministries. Therefore, an easy way out to this is to appoint EBDA Consulting as your PRO company in the UAE to take over these burdensome processes and complete all the documents clearance procedures within less time.
EBDA Consulting makes the company formation easy by handling all the legal procedures at the Department of Economic Development (DED), the Ministry of Labour, the Dubai Immigration, and other public departments.

Benefits of PRO Services

A new investor doesn’t know often about company establishment, labor and immigration laws in the UAE, and going solo may delay the procedures, Hence, outsourcing the PRO Services to a professional company will have a positive trickle-down effect on easing the functioning of the company. the advantage of outsourcing the pro service to EBDA Consulting are :

  • Helping Investors Meet Legal Requirements
  • Saving time and focus better on strengthening the company core competencies
  • Avoiding errors in interpreting legal jargon.
  • Keeping away from Fines and Penalties by send a timely reminder to the business owners for performing the necessary renewals.

  • What PRO Services Do We Provide?

    At EBDA Consulting our PRO experts of different nationalities can speak different languages and can help you deal with all the formalities of starting a business in different free zones, The following are some of the key services that we provide for our clients.

    Processing documents in the government and semi-government departments for company registration.
    Filing for government approvals and obtaining No-Objection Certificates (NOC) from government ministries
    Adding & Removing of Company Activity or/and Partners.
    Filing for obtaining TAX Residency Certificate or Tax Domicile Certificate.
    Translating legal documentation to Arabic.
    Renewal License, immigration and labor card and Establishment Card.
    Attestation of import/export and other legal documents through a public notary.
    Processing of visas for investor, employees and family members.
    Cancellation of Visa, Immigration, Labour and Establishment Card.
    Documents submission and collection from the bank and various UAE government departments.
    Intellectual property registration for a patent, copyright, and trademark.
    Applying for VAT registration and Tax Registration Number.
    Audit Report Arrangement.
    legal Services.
    Document attestation at Notary public & Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE.
    New P.O Box Registration & renewing.

    For more details about PRO-Service, don’t hesitate to Contact Us!