For securing their monetary assets, a lot of business people are interested in opening personal and/or corporate bank account in Dubai as well as in other parts of the UAE where many international banks have their representative office or branches.

UAE Banks greatly differ in terms of services and procedure, there are numerous formalities to open a UAE bank account, therefore EBDA Consulting provides you the best solution suits your purposes for both corporation or individaul .


Bank Account Opening

The procedures of opening a bank account in Dubai are quite stringent and need a considerable amount of time moreover requirements differ from bank to bank and it is compulsory to be personally present in Dubai for UAE bank account opening else, the process will be considered illegal. The reason behind this requirement is the original signature of the documents and personal identity confirmation which permit the applicant to open a corporate bank account in UAE. We will prepare everything an only single visit to UAE.
There are multiple type of bank account and each type has specific procedure and documents:

  • Corporate Bank Account for UAE Free Zone company
  • Corporate Bank Account for Foreign company
  • Corporate Bank Account for Offshore Company
  • Personal Bank Account

The Benefits of opening a bank account in the UAE

Having a bank account in Dubai offers immense benefits for the corporate as well as for individual/private sectors and opens up a gate of opportunities and eases your trading or services needs internationally and locally.

  • 0% Taxation
  • Easy international access
  • Easy transfer of funds in and out of UAE
  • Attractive interest rates
  • full confidentiality of your personal information.
  • Safe and secure online and phone banking system
  • Multiple currency accounts

To have an account in the best bank in Dubai or to know about any of the UAE banks or offshore banking services, speak to our business setup consultants. Now.