About Us

Who we are ?

A professional B2B consulting company based in RAS el Khaimah UAE and its services are available in Tokyo JAPAN, EBDA CONSULTING offers a high-quality services to Japanese entrepreneurs who look to establish and/or expand their Business in DUBAI and other parts of the United Arab Emirates through a One-Stop Shop solution.

We have divided the company lifecycle into three stages Pre-establishment, Establishment and Post-establishment stage and we assist you for each one of them as follow:

  • Consulting assistance: We accompany you in framing your business idea and Choosing the business license the type of the company and area suits your business.
  • Management assistance: We Liaise on your behalf with the different government and semi government entities for finishing all the procedures.
  • Legal assistance: We Support you in concern with your company to avoid legal issues ( renewing License and Visa , Adding & Removing activity for Company,. ..)
  • What does EBDA mean?

    EBDA ( ابداء ) is an arabic word means START.
    We know that every successful investor before starting his business having the felling of worry and anxiety especially when he thinks about the first step and what he should do because of this we have chosen to start our assistance with boosting the investor confidence by facilitate the first step with a TURNKEY SOLUTION .
    The name summarizes our services and purpose through the letters :


    Integrity & Transparency

    They are the foundation of the relationships with our clients, coworkers and others, we Consider those values are essential to gaining the trust of our ecosystem.

    Partnership & Communication

    We ensure our company’s doors always open to our clients and constantly exchange ideas and suggestions process because we think that our clients are our partners.

    Professionalism & Responsibility

    We are agree the Terms and Conditions with our clients upfront and act respecting the rules and the deadlines because we believe that the satisfaction of our client is our success.

    About the United Arab Emirates

    The United Arab Emirates is situated in the Middle East and southwest Asia, bordering the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, between Oman and Saudi Arabia; it is at a strategic location along the northern approaches to the Strait of Hormuz, a vital transit point for world crude oil.

    The UAE is a federation made up of 7 emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain and Fujairah, with over six million of the 9.5 million population living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    “UAE has region’s best startup ecosystem”

    Forbes Middle East
    33 of the 50 most-funded startups named by Forbes are headquartered in the emirates

    UAE has rapidly transformed from an economy once reliant on fishing and pearls, to become a financial powerhouse with leading Trading HUB in the middle-east and the world.

    Often people associate this transformation to the oil and gas industries, it is true but this was only to gain a foothold on the international stage to achieve the main goal ;Establish an economic and physical foundations for diverse and well connected business environment;
    therefore the Emirates government has created various economic development plans such as ‘2021 VISION’ and put an advanced corporate structure and business laws (taxation, privacy and trades barriers ,…) also ,developed the infrastructure through the building of high-rise office buildings . In addition,it has set up of a huge number of free zone which represent the pioneer of growth trajectory and unique policies of liberalization with the expanding of the accessibility to UAE through high quality tranportation from air and sea .

    Depending to the World Bank’s 2018 Logistics Performance Index rankings, the UAE ranked 11th out of 160 and according to Forbes, the most active startup ecosystem in the Middle East is in UAE, as 33 of the 50 most-funded startups named by the magazine are headquartered in the emirates.